Company Profile

Group B Strep Support is a UK charity formed in 1996 with just 3 members and one medical adviser. Their goal was to eradicate Group B Strep infections, including meningitis, in babies. Since then the charity has grown to around 500 members. Despite the charity’s growth over the years, they have the maintained the same goals to increased awareness and offer support.

Project Brief

I was asked by a friend to design a promotional poster and tickets for an event. She wanted to raise awareness and funds for the charity. As a result of this project I was able to start an ongoing working relationship with the charity itself. To date I have designed a promotional poster for them and I am volunteering myself to do other work. I completed all these project for free as all proceeds where going to charity.​

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When Was This Project Published and in Which Formats

This project is ongoing, the posters and tickets being printed and used to promote my friends event. The Cake Sale poster was designed to be fully editable, so the charity can use it for multiple events using print and online using social media. I was particularly proud of these projects as all the funds raised went to a charity raising funds and awareness towards Group B Strep Support.

Event Poster Concepts

Event Poster Completed Design

Event Tickets Concepts

Event Tickets Completed Design

Charity Event Poster Concepts

Charity Event Poster Completed Design

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