Project Details

I have completed a number of personal projects involving subjects I hold an interest in. To enhance my skills as a Designer I have proactively contacted organisations and companies.  This has given me the opportunity to work on a number of projects I am particularly passionate and enthusiastic about.

Project Brief

On every personal project I complete I set myself a brief to follow. This gives me focus on what I want to achieve and the functions that the final designs will fulfill.

Software I Used on This Project





When Where These Project Published

My personal projects are an ongoing process as I open myself to new learning opportunities. This gives me the flexibility to meet the challenges of working in an industry that is always adapting and changing.

Dolfan UK

I worked with this UK based fan club to develop some concepts for their rebranding. They wanted a new logo, logo typography and membership cards.

Logo Concept

Logo Concept

Typography Concepts

Membership Cards

Party Invites

These are some designs for birthday party invites, which were used for printing and distribution ahead of the events. 

Girls Party Invite

Boys Party Invite

UK American Football

I have completed a number of projects for British American Football Teams. These include promotional posters for the Ipswich Cardinals and a logo for a fan club called Britball Now.

Britball Now Logo

Super Bowl Poster